Taking Care of Boxwood

Boxwood is by far my favorite landscape shrub. It always looks good, four seasons a year it keeps its color and welcomes my guests with its lush green color and beautiful round shape. My boxwood has been relatively easy to care for.

A few years ago I noticed a few of the bushes looked diseased. A local nursery told me the boxwood had a disease called boxwood Leafminer (Monarthropalpus flavus): This is the most serious insect pest that attacks boxwood. One application of malathion did the trick and my boxwoods came back to life in weeks. This past spring some very late frosts have caused some of my boxwood to appear as if they were diseased again. I cut back the dead branches and thinned out the bush to let some light in. I am not convinced it was the frost as I am still loosing branches. I'll keep you posted on my boxwood dilemma.

For easy care, sustainable beauty and that quintessential English look, try a little boxwood in your yard.

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