Summertime Sun Salutation

It is summertime! This time of year is known to be the happiest, most inspiring part of our 365 days. People are energized, happy, alert, active and inspired. Do you know why? It’s mostly because of our sun. Our beautiful shining star that is in full effect this time of year. I know for myself, I am a sun worshiper. Having the sun hit my body is a feeling like no other. It’s comforting, energizing & elating!

Because it is summer, and I worship the beautiful sun, I wanted to share with you a simple flow that you can do anywhere. No matter your physical ability or location…this can be done at any time. It’s the beginning of almost every sequence I start, and it’s my way of saying thank you to the universe, to the sun. It’s our beloved Sun Salutation. You do not need any yoga experience to enjoy this gratifying flow.

To begin, take a pose of your choice. Starting at the back of your mat in ‘Child’s Pose’ is how I begin.

From Child’s Pose or a pose of your choice… place your palms on the front of your mat, lift your hips to the sky, your heels at the back of the mat and your Drishti (gaze) facing down at your mat. Stay here for 5 deep breaths. This pose is called Downward Dog.

From here, bend your knees and walk your feet in between your hands. Grab opposite elbow with opposite hand. Relax your neck & let it hang to the floor. Release anything weighing you down to the mat. Hang here for 3 deep breaths. This is “Ragdoll”

Exhale and touch your mat with both of your hands. Inhale deep and reach to the sky for Tadasana or Mountain Pose.

Exhale and bring your hands to Prayer, to your heart or Samasthiti. Ground your heels into your mat for balance and engage your core, standing straight. Here take a moment to set your intention and if you are feeling it, take a deep inhale in and exhale “Ohm.” Really take this moment to focus on your breathing and let all your worries and anxiety go. Give thanks to the universe for allowing you to be in this moment, right now.

From here, exhale into Chaturanga. Or high plank.

Inhale into Upward Dog.

Exhale into Downward Dog.

Repeat anywhere from 3-5 times. I love to set a rhythm either to the sound of the ocean or my favorite song and I continue to flow through my Sun Salutations until I feel limber, loose and grateful. Then I continue with my sequence or continue on with my day.

Thank you for letting me share one of my favorite flows with you. Soak up this summer sun while it lasts!


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