Slipcovers, I just can't get enough of them!

I am madly in love with slipcovers, white ones specifically. They make what's old new again and they can give a fresh new look to any room. If you are talented enough to make them yourself, there are many books and YouTube videos to assist you. If you are lucky enough to have a mom who quilts, sews and can whip you up a slipcover then that's even better. However, if those two options don't work for you, try asking a local fabric store if they make custom slipcovers or know of someone who does.

My recent slipcover projects were a mix of the above, plus a purchase from Pottery Barn. My mom made the slipcover for this chair below. She didn't whip it up, actually it took her a couple of months working a few hours every afternoon. She never made them before but that didn't stop her determination. I am very grateful for her time and even more grateful for how beautiful the final product turned out.



The slipcover for the sofa below was beautifully made by a wonderful lady who lives in my town. They fit perfectly and are made of a nice cotton blend so they will wash nicely. Choosing white allows me to change the theme and color of the room throughout the seasons.

The chairs in the picture below were purchased at Pottery Barn, also slipcovered in a white cotton.

Now, you all need to understand I have waited a long, long time to introduce white into my decor. My girls are raised and on their own and my one little doggie has gone to the rainbow bridge. For wear, tear and stain purposes, I am in a pretty good place...and LOVING it! It may sound a little selfish but I just love, love, love my white slipcovered furniture. They bring peace and calmness to my rooms and my life.

So when the time is right for you, try introducing a little white to one or two rooms in your home. And if you do be sure to enjoy the room(s), they are called slipcovers for a reason. You can take them off, wash them and keep them always looking like new!

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