Five Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams

The way your mind affects your body is a remarkable subject. The proof of mind over matter cannot be dismissed. If you spend most of your time thinking about something, you are already on your way to manifesting your dreams! Acknowledging your thoughts is so imperative. Thoughts are things. But thoughts are a stepping stone to greater things. Thoughts keep the mind moving, but your actions move you to living the life you’re meant to live.

Think of something that is constantly on your mind. Maybe you spend your day at work dreaming of a new job. Perhaps you dream of starting your own business. Maybe you constantly drift off into a place where you are in a new environment. Maybe you want to go on a vacation or get healthy and get in shape. Follow the five steps listed below and begin manifesting all the possibilities that await you.

FIVE steps to manifesting your dreams.

1. "Energy flows where attention goes” write a list of what you constantly think about. What you dream of. Every night before you go to sleep, read your list. Reread it, rewrite it, think about it and go to bed. Revisit your dreams everyday.

2. Take baby steps. After a while of constant reminders about your dreams, you will start to feel the need to take action. Things do not happen over night. Start by taking baby steps. Do you want to run a marathon? Start by running 5 miles a week. Keep revisiting your dreams, everyday.

3. Start meditating. This can be a scary thing for people. Meditation requires you to sit in stillness. This is something I still struggle with. Start with 5 minutes. Pick the same time everyday. If you miss a day acknowledge it, and try again the next day. Meditation can awaken different energies in your body. Maybe chasing after your dream is difficult for you because of your anxiety, or stress. Meditation brings stillness to your energies and awakens your body and mind to deeper issues you don't feel when you are go go go all day.

4. Dream big! If you are achieving all your goals & dreams, you are not dreaming big enough. Write down and envision anything! Even if it seems crazy to you. Believe it. Nothing, NOTHING is impossible.

5. From this moment forward, remove all negative thoughts from your mind. Start a gratitude journal and everyday, write down things that you are grateful for when you wake up and when you end your day. Your life has so much beauty in it. Sometimes it can be so easy to see the bad instead of the good. When you start realizing all the positivity in your life you will only receive more in return. When you start to focus on how you are worthy and deserving of anything you imagine your dreams will start to become visible and turn to reality.

Dream Big!


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