Another first this summer! I tried my hand at planting sunflowers all over my yard from seed packets.

Within two weeks I started to see growth after planting over 100 seeds. The sunflowers were doing so good and I was so proud of myself until one morning when I looked out to the garden and they were mostly gone! The resident bunny found its way into the pool garden and had a feast. Ms. Bunny spared me around twenty which I am sharing with you here.

Check out the bumble bee in this picture.

It was fun to watch them grow, several grew to 18 feet. I never thought they would bloom but come late August they all started to pop.

They add amazing color to your yard and they are super easy to grow.

I caught this bumble bee in flight!

So it was the year of gardens and sunflowers for me. A beautiful hot summer here in New England, I couldn't have asked for anything more!

How was your summer? Grow anything fantastic?

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